Gone are the days where you had to limit yourself to the old Victorian or Georgian style house, or the cottage in the country. Stylish modern homes are all the rage and there is a variety to choose from when building or buying one. Here is a list of all the great styles you can choose from to help make up your mind.

Split Level Home
The split level home is the baby of the sloping block builder. This is because most split level houses are perched on sloping land, straddling an upper and lower section. The split level home is eye catching precisely because it jars our sense of the wholesome house – its modern aesthetic is that it creates a pleasing silhouette against the skyline. If you are planning on purchasing or building on a sloping land, take a sloping block builders Melbourne with you. He/ she will be able to assess the land and give you the green light to start as they are experts and professionals in building on difficult sites. There are many factors to think about, such as drainage, so always follow professional advice.

The A- Line Home
The A- line house is very versatile in terms of looks as it can embody various colours and materials. The name is derived from an overall ‘A’ shape, with a pointy roof dominating the facade and the rest of the house spreading gently below on the sides. While older houses also had A- line structures, modern designs incorporate extreme features, such as glass roofs, and exposed steel piping to edge it up. The shape of the house allows for a lot of space while looking narrow and compact at the same time, making it the ideal home for the urbanite. It can easily house a semi- detached to the side, making it an economically viable option too.

The Eco- friendly House
The eco- friendly house doesn’t necessarily have a specific shape; it is distinguished by the array of eco- friendly and sustainable technology that makes up the house. From solar panelled roofs, to mini wind turbines, to recyclable water and eco- friendly appliances, this house is all about minimizing its carbon footprint. Eco houses are also aesthetically pleasing, especially because many builders and designers incorporate greenery into the house by custom home builders Mornington Peninsula. Some houses are designed around entire trees, while others encourage creepers decorating the walls. Nature is very much a part of the house’s structure. This is the latest housing trend to hit the market and is in keeping with the overall move towards a sustainable future.