To get perfectly white and bright teeth, there are several methods that will whiten your teeth. Most of us visit our dentists for a professional tooth bleaching treatment. But there are some other ways which make our teeth appear a few shades lighter. These are the at-home methods that are cheap as well as safe.

With daily eating and drinking, a thin layer of stain or plaque occurs daily on our teeth. If the stains are not removed on the very first stage, it can lead to cavities and, that will be more painful and embarrassing. If you notice plaque on your teeth, you visit your dentist and, he may recommend you to get a professional treatment done. Also, you can use some best teeth whitening products that are available in the market. These products contain Carbamide peroxide, the main ingredient that will make your teeth whiter. You need to develop a practice of using these products to remove those stains at home.

Whitening strips:
These strips are easy to use and give faster and long lasting results. You can buy these strips online or from any store that sells different products, like teeth whitening kit and so on. You don’t have to apply bleaching gel on your teeth as these strips already have the gel applied on it. The only thing you need to do is, just stick those strips on your teeth and leave them for a few minutes. Continue this process twice a day for 2 weeks and you will surely not be disappointed with the result.

Whitening gels:
Whitening gels are also very effective whitening teeth. These peroxide based gels are very easy to apply on your teeth with just a regular toothbrush. Just apply the gel on your teeth and leave it there for a few minutes twice a day for 14 days.

Whitening toothpastes and chewing gums:
Using whitening toothpaste is the easiest way to get rid of yellow teeth. These toothpastes are different from the ordinary toothpastes. They contain some whitening agents which help to lighten the stains on our teeth. You can use these toothpastes regularly and get a beautiful smile.

There are also some whitening chewing gums available in stores. You can chew these gums any time. It will be more effective if you chew these gums along with brushing your teeth with the whitening toothpastes. Check more with teeth whitening in Wellington

Note: you can’t prevent stains permanently. But one thing you can do to reduce the stains is to eat and drink healthy. Avoid having dark coloured foods and drinks. Besides that, brushing every day after having meal and supper will give you naturally white and healthy teeth and, you will smile with confidence.