A headache is one of the most frustrating things in life, and is one of the most common health ailments among the whole of human population. Many of us experience bad headaches many days a week. The pain is much worse if it is a migraine headache. Modern medicine has found many cures for headaches, but prevention is always the key. Here are some tips for headache prevention.

To prevent a headache means to identify if there is a trigger behind your headache. Even though headaches are caused by underlying conditions that you can’t control, most of the headache triggers are usually self-controllable. Maintain a detailed diary that records everything you did, on a particular day. Include the food you ate, the types of exercises you performed, the types of journeys you took etc. along with their time. Include the beginning and end time of each headache you had in that day, along with the things you did to control it. After doing this for a few weeks, you will be able to perhaps connect the dots and figure out the pattern to find out as to what is causing your headache. Below are some potential headache triggers that could be affecting you, along with how they can be avoided at times.

Stress is usually the culprit of a large number of headaches. It is impossible to be human and lead a stress free life at the same time, but we can try to reduce stress in our lives, or find better mechanisms to cope with stress, so that it won’t manifest in us in the form of headaches. Regular meditation, good sleeping habits and exercise are some of the thing that can be done to keep stress at bay.

Dehydration which is either caused by not drinking enough water, or over intake of caffeine or other diuretics, can cause splitting headaches. Hydrate yourself often. Carry a water bottle with your wherever you go. Pay attention to signs of dehydration like dark urine.

Over stimulation of your senses with too much light, too much sound or any other stimulant, can also cause headaches. It is a good idea to wear sunglasses when I bright light, and to wear some ear protective gear in the presence of loud noises. Too much sunlight, that even makes your head hot to touch, can cause headaches. Wear hats or caps when you are heading out in the sun. If you are one to read or exercise out in your garden in a regular basis, invest in steel pergolas Melbourne.

The steel pergolas will provide you with good shade preventing headaches and other harmful effects of bright sunlight, while enjoying fresh air, and lots of oxygen when working out.

Alcohol, and their famous aftermath; hangovers, can cause nasty headaches. It is always a good idea to moderate your drinking to healthy levels. If you are a lover of caffeine, any change in caffeine intake can cause a headache due to caffeine withdrawal. That doesn’t mean you should keep going on with unhealthy amounts of caffeine, tail it off without abdruptly stopping.

An unhealthy sleep patter, with either too much sleep or too little sleep can cause headaches. Make sure you get a good nights sleep of at least a solid six hours. Watch your diet too. There are some additives and preservatives in certain food items that could trigger headache. If you are suffering from migraines, your doctor would have already given you a list of “not to eats”.